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Tight Wipes Single Packs

$19.95 CAD

  • You get 10 single packs for that on the go cleaning!  

  • Our single packs are great for carrying around in your pocket, knapsack or purse!  Each wipe is 7 x 8 inches in size and loaded with our special TightWipes cleaning solution. 

  • Each pack contains 1 wipe.

  • Have Tightwipes available for that quick wipe down everywhere and anywhere. Never be caught with dirt on your kicks again. Keep your gear looking clean and tight.

Application Use:

  • Cleans and renews dirty sneakers, shoes, jackets and handbags. Can use on anything leather, vinyl, rubber and plastic.
  • See more at: http://www.tightwipes.com/store.html#!/TightWipes-Single-Packs-Set-of-10/p/36366232/category=0

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