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Shueboxx+ Clear Acrylic Sneaker Box

$49.95 CAD

  • Shueboxx‰ã¢ is constructed using premium crystal clear cast Acrylicå¨.
  • Allows you to see your displayed item in all its beauty.
  • Shueboxx‰ã¢ is just the thing for displaying your sneaker collection, hats, collectable toys, vintage books or other cherished items.
  • Manufactured with incredible care and detail in mind, your collectables will look stunning in a Shueboxx‰ã¢.
  • Engineered using 3mm cast Acrylicå¨.
  • The crystal clear Shueboxx‰ã¢ is constructed using 3mm cast Acrylicå¨.
  • Acrylicå¨ is a lightweight, rigid plastic that resists breakage better than glass.
  • Every Shueboxx‰ã¢ is sold with 3M‰ã¢ Bumpon pads.
  • 3M‰ã¢ Bumpon pads will make for easy stacking and to protect your surface tops.
  • One set of four 3M‰ã¢ Bumpon pads are included with youråÊShueboxx‰ã¢, Shueboxx +‰ã¢ or Shueboxx Mini.‰ã¢

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