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About Us

On my 16th birthday my father gave me a blank check. To his amazement, I spent that check at Footlocker on a pair of Air Jordan V’s & Air Flights (Red). This landmark purchase, for me, was made at the beginning of a revolutionary period that galvanized a generation of youth through a mix of art, fashion, music, sports and technology that is still unfolding today: sneaker culture.

Prior to my 16th, I spent several summers in Brooklyn, New York with my family, shopping on Flatbush Ave for the latest sportswear from brands like AdidasNikePumaReebok and Timberland. My family would often travel to Los Angeles, CA to visit Venice Beach or the Pasadena Rose Bowl where I was heavily influenced by skate and surf culture brands like Vans.

As a participant in the hip-hop generation, sneaker culture specifically shaped my world: it fed my competitive nature, and fuelled my drive to participate in team sports. Sneaker culture provided the platform for my creative vision as a Trend Forecaster; lifted me through the trials of being Singled Out, and led me on a Most Stylish career that has connected me to a Diverse and Inclusive network of like-minded fashion revolutionaries.

Today I help shape sneaker life through my unique lens on sneaker culture, through my unparalleled ability to forecast sneaker style, my carefully curated sneaker collection and my brand, snkrbox by Jason Burke. This is my piece of the sneaker revolution.

Welcome to my SNKRBOX.

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